Finasteride For the Treatment of Male Hair Loss

Whether you believe this or don’t believe this, both of these prescription medications have different measurements of finasteride, the exact generic drug. These two are used for very different things, and you cannot interchange them. These medications have been shown to be dangerous for an unborn fetus since the substance finasteride can be absorbed directly through the pregnant mother’s skin. Men are the only ones who are prescribed Propecia and Proscar.

Proscar contains a higher dose of finasteride, at 5 mg in each apple shaped tablet. The amount of finasteride contained in Propecia is just 1 mg for each tablet, which is a smaller dose. You can’t divide a Proscar tablet to have the benefits of Propecia because you won’t be sure about the potency of each part after dividing the tablet.

It is also not beneficial to consume five Propecia tablets to achieve the effects that Proscar has since there are other ingredients mixed with these medications. Well, what is the difference between Propecia and Proscar? Proscar is normally taken by males to treat enlarged prostates. In men, Proscar prevents testoterone from turning into a substance called dihyddrotestosterone or DHT. Proscar has the ability to stop or halt prostrate cancer in nearly 28% of the men who were considered to be possible candidates for this version of cancer. Propecia, however, is considered to be a treatment for the problem of male-pattern baldness. Propecia supplements the natural growth pattern and the loss of hair men often experience. Hair loss slows or can even stop entirely after Propecia has been taken for three months. If you receive good benefits from Propecia, you should think about staying on the prescription. If you cease taking this medication, most likely during a year’s time you will lose your hair; it will appear like it was before you had medical treatment.

As a prescription medication, finasteride must be ordered by qualified health care providers or online pharmacies. Propecia and Proscar, like all medications, do have some side effects to be aware of. Less feelings for sex, decreased semen count, extreme sensitivity, and moderate rashes occur while your body reacts to the medication. Therefore you have to think about the good and the bad when dealing with these medications before you make the correct choice for yourself.

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