Facts Regarding Male Erectile Dysfunction

The terms ‘male impotence’ and ‘erectile dysfunction’ can have psychological effects. When a man refers to himself as being impotent, it may cause him to have a false image of himself, whereas if he uses the term erectile dysfunction, it indicates that the problem is specific to a certain part of the body.

If you suffer from this problem, you might not be able to experience full and powerful erections. People who have this condition may think that few others have the same problem, but in reality, millions of men suffer from this problem. Results of the Massachusetts Male Study indicated that approximately half of healthy males aged 40 to 70 experienced problems with erections at least occasionally.

If the blood flow is restricted in the small blood vessels that are connected with the penis, erectile problems may occur. This is similar to the cause of migraine headaches, which occur when the arteries in the head narrow and cause a buildup. Stress, anxiety, anger and fatigue can all play a role in this dysfunction.

Not only can high levels of Cholesterol have an effect on the cardiac arteries, it can also reduce blood flow to the penis, thereby causing erectile dysfunction. Ginseng has been considered to be an aphrodisiac, but actually it only produces the energy and endurance levels for men — certainly those factors are important.

The natural therapy includes nutrients made of garlic. In India, men rub an ointment made of garlic and fat on their penises and in order to maintain an erection, they lean back. Zinc is also necessary for the production of testosterone. It is helpful to take supplements if a man has a deficiency.

If you suffer from a zinc deficiency, your sperm count might be low, you may have prostate problems, and if you are young, your sexual organs may not completely develop. Calcium and Magnesium are other nutrients that are critical for erections.

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