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Articles about Temovate:

Q. In what way does the consultation online work?

A: Online consultations are the new breed in health care patient-to-physician communication. Under this procedure, patients do not have to have the usual physical exam by the doctor; instead the patient fills out an online medical history, and this questionnaire is then sent to the doctor through our secure order protocol. While online consultations will never replace traditional medicine, they are convenient for the patient that does not require a physical exam to receive the treatments they need.
Our company pledges to meet and exceed all government rules and regulations pertaining to this new form of health care delivery. will never refer your order to anyone but a fully licensed certified physician. Our pharmacists are highly trained and qualified, to give you the best pharmaceutical care available. We work with pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers to get you the best quality medication at a cheaper price.

Q. After I have placed my Temovate order what happens?

A: Your ordered Temovate will be delivered to a licensed physician through our ordering system, who will then review the information before approving or declining your request.
Once your purchase of Temovate has been approved, the doctor will then write your prescription and our ordering procedure will make sure that it is delivered to the pharmacy, where the Temovate prescription will be filled and mailed out.

Q: Please describe your privacy policy?

A: Your safety and privacy are issues we are completely dedicated to. Please check out our current privacy policy on our order page, in the terms and conditions section.
Please be reassured that our online order protocol employs the latest security encryption technology available to safeguard your credit card information at the very highest level of protection. Our computer systems are monitored on a regular basis to be certain that your information is secure.

Q: What type of medication is available through your company?

A. There is an entire list of the medications that we sell in the product section of your browser; some are controlled substances that we cannot sell online, because the law requires a physical exam in order to be dispensed. Valium, Lorazepam, Ativan, Diazepam, Clonazepam, Kolonopin and many others are just some of the medicines excluded.

Q: What is the location in which your Physicians are licensed?

A: Our doctors who practice medicine are licensed in the U.S. We only use physicians that are board certified and drug companies that are licensed by the U.S.

Q: Can you deliver Temovate to a P. O. Box?

A: We regret that we are not allowed to ship to a P. O. Box.

Q: Am I required to be at home when the order is delivered?

A: Yes, because every order will require an adult signature.

Q: Is Temovate delivery available to my state?

A: Because of the rules and regulations, we are unable to ship medicines to all states, please refer to the order form for a list of states that we are currently able to ship to.

Q: What is the way in which you ship Temovate orders?

A: All Temovate orders are shipped via FedEx, usually the very next day.

Q: What are the terms of your cancellation policy?

A: If your Temovate order has not been okayed by your doctor or sent out yet, you may cancel. If we have already approved or sent your Temovate order, we are unable to cancel it. If you need more information about our cancellation policy, go to our order page and look under terms and conditions.

Q. How do I find out what your return policy is?

A: Due to the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, refunds and prescription medication exchanges are not allowed. If you need more information, go to our order page and look up our current return policy in the terms and conditions section.

Q: Do you offer international shipping Temovate?

A: We regret that we can ship Temovate only within the United States at this time; we are unable to ship overseas.


Does DHEA Improve Memory?

My father-in-law takes DHEA along with a few other drugs, all under a doctor's care. He was having trouble remembering things and even being able to carry on a conversation. He says DHEA helps a lot, although he doesn't think it is enhancing his memory. What does DHEA do, exactly?

DHEA is a natural hormone produced by the adrenal glands, in the family of male sex hormones. Currently there is great medical interest in DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), as well as a push from the supplement industry to promote it as an anti-aging, anti-obesity, anti-cancer remedy. Smart-drug enthusiasts also think it can protect brain cells from the degenerative changes of old age. A lot of claims, but not a lot of conclusive science as of yet.

What we do know is that DHEA has a significant anabolic effect, which results in stronger bones and muscles and decreased body fat. It may protect health in a variety of ways. I've seen excellent results with DHEA in patients with autoimmune diseases like lupus. I also think it might help people with other diseases such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis who have become dependent on prednisone, since it may allow them to wean their bodies off that more dangerous hormone. DHEA is sold as a prescription drug and by several mail order pharmacies. Health-food stores sell DHEA precursors, but they are probably worthless. The extracts from wild yams will have no effect, either.

People who tout DHEA point out that we produce the most of it in our 20s, with production tapering off in our later years until we produce only about one-fifth as much. They suggest that supplemental DHEA beginning at age 40 or 50 could improve quality of life. But evidence for DHEA's benefits is inconclusive. There was one small, six-month study at the University of California-San Diego that reported improved energy and feelings of well-being.

I'm cautious about using any hormones on a regular basis without good reason and without medical supervision. We don't know what the downside of taking supplemental DHEA may be over time. Ray Sahelian, MD (author of DHEA: A Practical Guide; Be Happier Press, PO Box 12619, Marina del Rey, CA 90295), warns against taking high doses cavalierly and suggests consulting with a physician before trying DHEA, because it is a steroid that the body converts into potent estrogens and androgens. Side effects can include acne, facial-hair growth in women, deepening of the voice, and mood changes.

If your father-in-law's chief concern is his memory, I would suggest an herbal preparation made from the ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba). Researchers have recently begun to study the ability of extracts from ginkgo leaves to increase blood flow to the brain. You can buy capsules of nontoxic ginkgo in most health-food stores. Your father-in-law could try taking two capsules three times a day with meals for memory enhancement. He might not notice any beneficial effects until he had used ginkgo for six to eight weeks.


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