Quitting Smoking With Children Under Foot

Many people, women especially, are afraid that with children around, it sometimes requires all their energy to focus on keeping a level head. How then can someone quit smoking in those circumstances and succeed?

Some parents have total charge of children and are alone to raise them. Others see their spouse return home at the end of a workday, but the children are still under foot and sometimes they can test your stamina and press your buttons like the true experts that they are. The little darlings can drive a person to senseless distraction. In the midst of this insanity, you want to quit and wonder just how you’ll do it.

Children nowadays are into everything and they know things that often astound us. When you began smoking, perhaps smoking was considered ‘cool’ or ‘kewl’. Smoking ads were everywhere, suggesting that it was the way to be. Hollywood films glamorized the cigarette and made a woman with a long cigarette holder look sophisticated. A surprisingly high number of Hollywood films still feature characters smoking. Most likely, you began smoking years go when you were young yourself. But today’s school and public education programs have taught children for the most part that it’s not like that. Some children actually voice their displeasure about their parent’s smoking, even though you are giving them a conflicting example.

While some children would never criticize their parents at a young age, they nevertheless give hints about their displeasure. If your child has ever voiced a remark about a dirty ashtray or the smell of smoke, it’s an indicator that they’ve taken notice and are not happy about it. They would be happier if you were not smoking, even though they love you.

So why not enlist them in your quit plan? You will need the support of people around you, and it’s surprising how supportive children can be.

Even if the children are very young, find out what they know about smoking and what they think the dangers and risks are. They may surprise you. If they start pressing your buttons and drive you up a wall and down another one, you can ask them to draw pictures of a smoke-free family, while you compose yourself.

They will need to understand that stopping smoking, although seemingly done in one instant, nevertheless is not a thing that happens in one quick moment. They have to be told that it’s a battle you’re beginning and that for a few months, you will have strong urges to smoke. At such moments, you may feel stressed and will need their encouragement and their help. You can explain that just as they have had ‘time outs’ alone, you might need some too.

Rewards are an important part of quitting and you must focus your rewards on yourself for the hard work you’re doing. Too many smokers forget about rewarding themselves positively and neglect the truth that what is happening in the quitting process is a makeover. So why not take some of the money saved from not smoking and hire a sitter a couple of afternoons a week? This one thing can restore your balance and self-worth, not to mention refresh your outlook and resolve to keep the quit.

Look upon quitting as something that can be done. Others with children have been through it. Just remember to be kind to yourself in the first few weeks. Take it one day at a time and you can and will be successful.

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