Migraine and Other Types of Headaches. Home Remedies



- If you’re looking for something around the house that may be a quick fix for a pesky headache, try using a bag of frozen veggies held to your head while placing your feet in a container of warm water.

- Drinking 3 full glasses of ice cold water and laying down in a dark and quiet room to sleep (laying flat, without a pillow) at the initial signs of a headache may prevent further pain.

- Cluster headaches can be kept at bay by inhaling oxygen; keeping the tank next to your bed will help if the headache strikes suddenly. Don’t forget to discuss the correct methods for using oxygen with your doctor.


Sometimes the best way to rid yourself of a headache is, ironically, your mind. This method uses your brain’s power to beat the pain, so give it a try. It may take some time to get the hang of this technique, but using a friend to guide you may be helpful.

With your eyes closed, pretend that your headache pain is nothing more than a liquid sitting in a glass; the greater the intensity of pain from the headache, the larger the glass should become. Still imagining your headache is just a fluid in a simple container, visualize yourself putting that fluid into a smaller container and not allowing anything to spill. As the glasses decrease in size, the intensity of the headache should gradually decrease as well.

Please Note!

Painkillers can be very helpful against the headache that happens from time to time, but if taken often, painkillers can actually become part of the problem. Known as the rebound effect, studies have identified that when painkillers are used too often, they can even cause the onset of headaches and inhibit preventative medications used to treat migraines. If you rely solely upon painkillers to manage your headache pain, this may hinder your body from producing natural pain fighters like endorphins. Long-term use of painkillers has actually been shown to change the pain control mechanisms and pathways of the central nervous system.

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